How to Setup Gmail account in Outlook

With Outlook you can set up Gmail and other emails systems and manage it in Outlook. You’ll need to generate a unique 1-time passcode by Gmail.

  1. In Outlook, Select File, then Add Account



2. Enter your email then click Connect.


3. When prompt for a password, You will need an app password. You’ll need to generate a unique 1-time passcode by Gmail. Go to your Gmail account, Select your profile image, then Google Account



4. Select Sign-in & Security


5. Scroll down to Signing in to Google, then Turn on 2-Step Verification. Please follow Google process to turn on 2-Step Verification


6. Select App passwords


7. Enter your Gmail password

8. Select Mail and your Device then Select Generate

9. Highlight and copy the password


10. Return to Outlook and paste the app password. Select Connect

11. Account setup is complete. Select OK. you can now access your Gmail account directly in Outlook.









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