How to download patches in SCCM

Before you can deploy patches first you need to create software update group. Follow the steps below to create software update group for the current month.

  1. In SCCM Console select Software Library then All Software Updates


2. On the ribbon click on Saved Searches then Select Manage Searches for Current Node


3. Select Updates released in the last month then OK


4. Highlight the patches you want to deploy then Right Click to create Software Update Group.


5. Enter the name for Software Update Group then click Create.


6. Select Software Update Groups,  You’d see the group just create


Download the software updates 

  1. Right Click on Software Update Group then Download


2. Enter the information for Package Name and Package source path then click Next


3. Choose the DP(s) then click Next and Next.


4. Next


5. Choose the language then Next and Next


6. Done





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